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Eid ul Adha


There will be 1 jamaat as below:

08:30 Dua Nudba
08:55 Takbirat
09:00 Eid Salat
10:00 Announcements

Someone asked Sayedna Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (عليه السلام): *“what is ‘karam’ munificence?”*

*The Imam ع replied to him “To grant before being asked for a thing.”*

*We remind you all to make the most of the blessings of Eid day, just imagine the reward of giving charity in the way of Allah (ﷻ), please do not forget to donate generously.*

*Collection team will be available at mosque on Eid day for collection.*

- *Membership*: Primary (£210 - at least 1 required at same address) Secondary (£120 - if there is 1 Primary paid member at same address)
- *Building Project*

*Online Bank Transfer Payments Accepted*

Barclays Bank
Account Name Masjid-e-Ali (Anjuman-e-Haiderya)
Sort Code 205397
Account Number 40625515

*Please ensure to add reference of Sayed or Non Sayed for any Sadqa purposes.*

Please contact our collection team:

Zaheer Shah - 07737 073147
Ibrar Shah - 07853 909671
Manzoor Shah - 07446 838605

‎اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلى مُحَمَّدٍ وَّآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَجِّلْ فَرَجَهُمْْ

Masjid-e-Ali (as) Luton

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