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MEA Education

Sunday Madressa and Nursery

Held at the Masjid every Sunday

Masjid-e-Ali Education Center (MAEC) is at the heart of educational activities for the community.  The primary activity is the weekly Sunday school classes held at Icknield High School.  MAEC provides Akhlaq, Fiqh, Quran and Aqaid education to children from the age of 5 to 16.  MAEC also holds educational seminars and events focusing on the academic and spiritual development of the youngsters of our community.

🕙 09:45 AM start
🕙 10.00 AM Assembly

🧕🏼All children must adhere to dress code
Boys – in white salwar kameez / jabbah and white cap
Girls – in black jilbab and hijab

📵 Children are not allowed to use mobile phones during madressa classes

🕋 All children will participate in Zohrain prayers in Jamaat

🚗 Parents must come into Madressa to drop off and pick up children

To join the Madressa teams (teaching/admin/support), please attend and contact brother Imran on 07446251774

📚 Please ensure your children bring their books and stationery with them

🥯 Children must also bring their own snacks if required

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