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MeA Covid-19 Guidelines

In order to comply with local and government guidance, attendees *must* follow the rules set below when attending Masjid-e-Ali (as):

1 – Attendees *must* wear a face mask (covering mouth and nose) at all times whilst on Masjid-e-Ali premises

2 – Home-cooked food cannot be brought into the Masjid for distribution

3 – Anyone with temperature or flu-like symptoms (whether you or anyone in your household or support bubble) *must* stay at home

4 – Wudhu *must* be done at home as the Masjid washrooms will not be accessible

5 – Prayer mat, turbah, tasbeeh, shoe bags *must* be brought from home

6 – When entering the halls, shoes *must* be placed in a bag and kept with you

7 – After the event, attendees *must* leave the premises as soon as possible whilst observing social distancing rules

8 – All attendees *must* refrain from handshaking/hugging or any other forms of proximity that contradict social distancing restrictions.

9 – Any child 5 years old or less is not permitted to attend.

10 – Any child that wears nappies is not permitted to attend.

11 – Any child who needs to use Masjid toilet facilities is not permitted to attend as the toilets are closed until further notice.

12 – No sharing of turbah, tasbeeh or prayer mat and No touching or kissing of any religious artefacts i.e Quran, other religious books, Taboot, Alam or Shabeeh that may be present at the masjid.

Depending on government rules we may have to change/update these guidelines at short notice.