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One of the great distinctions of Masjid-e-Ali is the willingness of a core team of people to step forward for the management and day to day running of the centre in an entirely voluntary capacity.  The management structure comprises three main components; those being the Property Holding Trustees, the Executive Management Commitee (EC) and the sub-committees that report to the EC.

Management of the centre is in accordance with the constitution adopted on 18th of May 1980 (amended 2nd April 2006).  Masjid-e-Ali is registered with the Charity Commission, charity registration number 280440.  

The current EC were elected for a 3 year term in July 2011.

Dr Hussain Raza Rizvi - President

Dr Hussain Raza Rizvi is the serving President of the Masjid-e-Ali Executive Management Committee.  Dr Raza as he is better known is an active member of the community and an enthusiastic supporter of community work not just here in Luton and the UK but overseas too.

Dr Raza qualified as a Doctor in 1993 and then qualified as an Anaesthetist in 2002.  He has been serving as an Anaesthetist at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital since 2004.

In 2005 Dr Raza set up the Masjid-e-Ali Funeral & Burial committee and has been serving as it's head since.  He has with support from his team arranged Funeral/Burial workshops and overseen a number of Funerals and Burials not just in Luton but around the UK.  Support has been provided to families for body release from hospitals, autopsies, burial arrangements and even repatriation of deceased to Pakistan.

Dr Raza has served as Vice President in a previous Management Committee and was elected to the position of President in July 2011.

Syed Qaiser Abbas - Vice President

Syed Qaiser Abbas is the serving Vice President of the Masjid-e-Ali Executive Management Committee.  Brother Qaiser has served the Luton community in various capacities for more than 10 years.

Br Qaiser is a Biomedical Sciences graduate and has been working in the financial services industry for around 10 years.  He is currently working as a Project Manager.

In 2006 Brother Qaiser set up the official Masjid-e-Ali website and the SMS alerts service.  He has also been an active member of the Masjid-e-Ali Education Centre as a Teacher and Administrator.  Brother Qaiser has been part of 2 previous Executive Management Committees and was elected to the post of Stage/Information Secretary in July 2011.  He was moved to the Vice President position following an internal reshuffle.

Currently Brother Qaiser manages the Masjid-e-Ali website, the SMS alerts service, social media presence and the Masjid-e-Ali YouTube channel.

Bilal Rizvi - General Secretary

Bilal Rizvi is the Masjid-e-Ali General Secretary and responsible for an array of key activities including external stakeholder management.  Brother Bilal has served as General Secretary in a previous Executive Management Committee and was elected for the current term in July 2011.

Brother Bilal is an IT Security Manager currently working for a major UK services provider.  

Brother Bilal describes the following hadith as his inspiration and source of energy:
"He whose two days (of life) are the same (making no progress) is at a loss" - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Hasan Raza - Assistant General Secretary

Hasan Raza is the current Masjid-e-Ali Assistant General Secretary and therefore responsible for supporting the General Secretary.  Br Hasan has grown up in Luton and has been an intermittent member of the MAEC teaching team since 2005.  Br Hasan Raza was elected to the Assistant General Secretary post in July 2011.

Br Hasan is a Travel & Tourism graduate and PTTLS qualified.  He is currently studying for a software testing qualification.  Br Hasan has until recently been working for Transport for London.

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