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Jamaat Timings

》Fajr: 05:45am

》Zuhrain: 1:30PM

》Maghribain: Awal-e-Waqt

Management & volunteers

One of the great distinctions of Masjid-e-Ali is the willingness of a core team of people to step forward for the management and day to day running of the centre in an entirely voluntary capacity.  The management structure comprises three main components; those being the Property Holding Trustees, the Executive Management Commitee (EC) and the sub-committees that report to the EC.

Management of the centre is in accordance with the constitution adopted on 18th of May 1980 (amended 2nd April 2006).  Masjid-e-Ali is registered with the Charity Commission, charity registration number 280440.  

The current EC took over management responsibility following the EC Elections which took place on the 20th of September 2014.

Dr Syed Hussain Raza - President

Dr Syed Hussain Raza has been involved with the local community as President of Masjid-e-Ali during the 3 years from 2011 to 2014.  Prior to this Dr Raza has served the community in a number of different social arenas and has been involved in organising community based schools in Woking, Crawley, Burnley and Luton.  Dr Raza is the founder and current head of the Masjid-e-Ali funeral committee.

Dr Raza is a qualified Medical Practitioner a specialist Doctor in Anaesthesia at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.  During his time as a doctor, he has been keen to serve and has helped to organise and run various medical clinics in different parts of the world such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The UK chapter of Imamia Medics International (IMI), an international medical charity involving doctors and allied professionals was established by Dr Raza in the UK in 1995. and has since then grown from strength to strength under his stewardship, with many an International conference being held covering various topics and raising money for charity work mainly in the developing world.

Dr Raza is a keen advocate of empowering local communities to tackle their health issues and is determined to create strong relationships between educators, health professionals and the community.

Syed Nasir Shah - Vice President

Syed Qaiser Abbas - General Secretary

Qaiser Abbas is the Masjid-e-Ali General Secretary and is responsible for structuring and organising Masjid-e-Ali teams for the delivery of Masjid-e-Ali programmes and services.  He is also responsible for internal and external communications and for the maintenance of the organisation’s membership records.  He brings strong background and experience of working within Masjid-e-Ali having served the community as a Sunday School Administrator, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and now General Secretary over a period spanning more than 10 years.

Currently employed as a Digital Banking Consultant Qaiser Abbas brings to Masjid-e-Ali over 12 years of experience in Customer Service, Project Management, Business Analysis, Operational Design and Management Consultancy gained within the Financial Services sector.

Qaiser Abbas has been instrumental in the development of the Masjid-e-Ali social media and online presence and is currently working closely with the Masjid-e-Ali Media team to improve the appearance, efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external communications.   His other areas of focus at Masjid-e-Ali include working with and developing the Masjid-e-Ali Youth Service as well as a keen focus on operational efficiency through process improvement.

Qaiser spent most of his childhood in Luton, becoming a part of the Masjid-e-Ali community in 1989 and now resides in Dunstable with his family.  In his spare time he is an avid reader and takes a keen interest in social, religious, political and technological developments.

Jaber Ali Abedi - Assistant General Secretary

I belong to a family who are reading Marsiya&Nouhay since 7 generations, Fazail-e-Imam Ali (AS) &Masaib-e-Karbala are there in my blood. I always read this sher and take inspiration from it.

Husn-e-kirdaarkesaanche me mujhedhaalahai

Maqsad-e-zeestmeraaala se bhiaalahai



Right from early days of my life my interest was towards Islam and in particular Fiqh, in order to learn Fiqh I got close to the books with which many questions were raised in my mind hence to clarify them I got in touch with Ulema, there are many Ulema who were so close to me that I call them uncle and I had no hesitation to ask any question, this relation gave me a unique way to learn about Islam, there were no barriers in front me. My family, specially my parents always encouraged me to learn more and more about Islam, I took extra classes alongside my carrier studies, I completed my Engineering in Electronics & Communication in India and then moved to UK for further studies, but my desire to learn about Islam didn’t die out. As soon as I reach UK I got in touch with Ulema and made own new social network, made a lot of friends and focused on my education at the same time. I have completed my MSc from Bedfordshire University in Mobile Computing.

In UK I have a network of 1500+ friends including Ulema, Zakireen, doctors, engineers, accountants, journalists, architects, managers, politicians, lawyers, businessmen, etc. Although, I had lots of opportunities to work outside Luton, I always preferred to work in Luton. I have been volunteering in several sub-committees such as Niyaaz team, Collection team, Media team before I started my first official post in August 2012 as the Stage/Information Secretary which was warmly welcomed by the community, I have always been encouraged by ex-committee members and the elders of the community specially by the resident Ulema& visiting Ulema. I have seen many ups and down in the short span of my time at Masjid-e-Ali and always got inspiration from the life of Imam Ali (AS)

In September 2014, I was elected as the Assistant General Secretary to serve the community for next 3 years, I love to manage the programmes and my expertise are in management, I have great attachment with the whole community as I have tutored many kids from the community and now they are the among the youth and I still teach many as I love tutoring.

My only wish is to be among the 313 followers of Imam Mahdi (ATFS)

Extra-curricular activities: I am multi lingual and can speak 5 languages fluently and learning more, “Sports and Myself” just a perfect combination as I like to play all kind of sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis, caroms, volley ball, etc.

Ghulam Abbas - Information Secretary

A computer Networking professional with 11 years of studying and working experience within the field of Information Technology, currently working for the University of Bedfordshire Luton in Computer Science & Technology department. I would describe honesty, hard work, dedication, great work ethics and commitment as my assets. I love to deal and work with people from all kinds of background and believe that I can get on with people quite well. If I am given a task, I ensure to put my 100% effort to complete it in the most effective and efficient way. I love to take initiatives and responsibility and always held myself accountable for the tasks I own. I am also very much up to learning and improving myself as an individual and strongly believe that I can certainly contribute to make difference in people lives. To me, success is something that can only be measured by delivering results which are effective and efficient.

I was honoured to be given the role of Stage /Information Secretary in Masjid-e- Ali executive management and have tried to serve to the best of my abilities so far. I am very passionate to utilise all my professional skills in this role to serve the community in the best possible way. 

Naveed Ikram - Treasurer

Imran Zaidi - Vice Treasurer


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